Tracking mentions for an index or glossary?

Daud Vyd

While typing in a <p> or other tag, is it possible to annotate content so that it can be ad-hoc searched while working in Oxygen and also added to a dynamically generated index or glossary? For example, how would you markup this DITA topic:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE topic PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DITA Topic//EN" "topic.dtd">
<topic id="genre">
        <p>Genre refers to the broad artistic category of a story while setting refers to specific example of a genre. Genre helps to determine the types of people and places a story might include without identifying named instances. Setting provides named instances and richly described details. For example, Fantasy (genre) often includes wizards and castles while Arthurian Legend (setting) describes Merlin and Camelot in particular.

Merlin is:
  • an instance-of a person
  • a child-of the Authorian Legend setting
Authorian Legend is:
  • an instance-of a setting
  • a parent-of Merlin
Fantasy is:
  • a instance-of a genre
  • a parent-of Authorian Legend

Is it possible to markup the text so that I can later query across all DITA files for the relationships described in bullet points or for a list of mentioned genres and where they are discussed? Could I insert a dynamically generated list of these mentions at the bottom of the Genre DITA page above to display in the final document?

Incidentally, Setting will be a DITA topic like Genre. Should every mention of these words be hyperlinked? In MS Word, I might just capitalize them and display in italics or bold them like I've done here.

Thank you,
d. vyd