relationship beteween 3 types of documents for the same concept

Weiwu Zhang

We have a tech called TokenScript which has concepts that is

- Defined in XML by Token Issuers
- Presented to the web developers as JavaScript

For example, a concept called Card will have 3 pages of document

𝑎. What is a Card, where to use it

𝑏. How is it defined in XML (interesting to the XML author)

𝑐. How is it used by JavaScript web developers (interesting to the web
developer who takes the XML and use it as a library)

All of the three are about the same thing, but each of them is
included in a different dita map.

My question is what's the best practise to connect these 3 types of

Right now,

𝑎 is in a concept called Card.dita
𝑏 is in a topic called card_element.dita
𝑐 is in a topic called manipulate_card_in_JavaScript.dita

They are connected in a rudimentary way: in 𝑎, there are two <note>
elements that links to the corrisponding document 𝑏 and 𝑐; and there
are <notes> in 𝑏 and 𝑐 linking back to 𝑎.

With a bit of Google search I found the <audience> tag which is
relevant, but it seem to be a way to tag information by audience,
doesn't work to linking documents of one same concept for different

These days I always got the right answers from this mailing list so thanks
in advance!

P.S. I feel DITA itself need such kind of "linking mechanism". Sometimes,
in the Style Guide I found a dita document page about where to use it,
then I need to do a second Google search to find out how to use it.
Maybe there are mechanism to do so, but can't be used because Style
Guide is from different DITA repository than the how-to information.

Weiwu Z.

Weiwu Zhang

On Thu, 3 Sep 2020, Weiwu Zhang via wrote:

My question is what's the best practise to connect these 3 types of
Ah, after banging my head on this wall for a week, I saw the new post from Tonia asking about "Relationship table publishing?" and google searched from there. It turns out the answer to my question is simple: use relationsihp table. Would have saved me much time if I had known what search keyword to use.

It's surprising that after reading dozens and dozens of web pages, and
finishing a book about LwDita (yes I known this falls outside LwDita
but only in hindsight) I have not chanced upon related links
management, and it only shows magically after I learned the name of
the technology for related links management. I guess related links
management wasn't shown in related links of the docs I read!