Job opportunity

Dan Vint

Ping Identity is looking for a content tools dev ops person. You will be one of two people supporting:
- DITA publishing process using Ixiasoft CCMS with oXygen and Zoomin delivery.
- We have an API pipeline as well that is hosted on a different site and uses Postman to manage the content
- We use Coveo search engine as the enterprise search engine that ties all of our content together
- We are part of the Customer Care organization which also includes support and training. As such we work with Salesforce engineers the KBs

The specific position that is open will focus on the Coveo search function. There is a general admin console used to manage the pipelines as well as analytics. This role will be responsible to monitoring the analytics and tweaking the search process (synonyms, machine learning, promoting content).

This position will also backstop me with handing issues with the Ixiasoft/Zoomin process as well as the API content.

You will be:
- the Coveo Guru and involved at the enterprise level as different groups adopt and modify their use of Coveo
- Troubleshoot and research problems. Primary responsibility will be around Coveo issues, but you will need to get into the DITA content to help with publishing and content problems.
- You will be the helpdesk for Coveo but also support the writers with the other applications as needed.

We support a team of technical writers and editors that are located in Canada, USA, Israel and India.

The applicant must be able to get into one of these offices once things open up again. Currently the company is not expecting that to happen until summer '21. Offices are:
- Denver CO (headquarters, most of the writers are here as well as the manager)
- Austin TX (couple of writers here)
- Vancouver Canada (couple of writers here)
- Boston MA (no writers)

If you have any questions contact me at danvint@...

You can apply here and you can use my name as the contact/reference (Dan Vint).