Is it legal to post a job here? #jobhunting


I hope so...  We have an opening at Turbonomic Inc.  The position is for a senior tech writer, but we're a DITA shop, so it might spark your interest...

The doc team is small and DIY -- We use oXygen, GIT, and our own publishing chain, which uses transforms in the browser.  AFAIK, we're compliant with the DITA spec, but we do unusual things.  I recently gave a talk at CDIM about how we single-source our topics into the product GUI.  I've also given talks about how we work with Jira to generate DITA release notes, and about the overall architecture of our approach.  We need somebody who can think through and constantly improve things.

The technology that we document is automatic management of VM and cloud infrastructure to guarantee application performance.  You will learn about VMs, storage, cloud, networks, Kubernetes...  Lots of stuff.  This is a challenging position for any writer.

If any of this interests you, please take a look at the posting: