HTML "Next" and "Previous" links

Briggs, John

The HTML "Next" and "Previous" links work for <map> ditamaps but not <bookmap> using DOT 3.4.1.

To test this, I used the sequence.ditamap from the DOT 1.5.4 sample files.

For <map> I added @collection-type="sequence" to <map>
The output then showed the next/previous links.

For <bookmap> I changed the DocType to bookmap and added bookmap/@collection-type="sequence" and removed bookmap/@title. I also enclosed the topicref elements with <part> to make the ditamap valid.
The output does not show the next/previous links.

I used the dita command "dita -i sequence.ditamap -f xhtml -o output -l htmloutput.log" to produce the output.

Is it possible to show the next/previous links for HTML using DOT 3.4.1?