FW: Michael Priestley to present DITA workshops (authoring, specialization) in Research Triangle Park, NC

Kay Ethier <KEthier@...>


Is your organization considering DITA? The Darwin Information Typing
Architecture is gaining users -- and interest -- worldwide. Software
companies are rushing to add DITA support to their software products.
As DITA gains ground, companies are struggling to understand what DITA
is about and how they might use it within their enterprise.

In response to this need for explanation, Tri-XML is pleased to announce
that IBM's own Michael Priestley will be instructing two workshops on
DITA! These workshops will be held at the Sheraton Imperial in Research
Triangle Park, NC. We have approximately 30 seats available. Because of
the uniqueness of these offerings, and the fact that IBM's own DITA
developer is instructing, it is recommended that you sign up quickly to
avoid missing these workshops.

Which workshop will be best for you? If you are interested in how
authoring is done within DITA, then it is recommended that you attend
the first workshop. If you will be developing DITA and specializing it
for your organization, it is recommended that you attend both workshops
to learn both authoring and development issues.

First Workshop: "DITA Authoring"
September 23, 2004
9:00a.m. to 4:30p.m.
- topic-oriented authoring and information types
- authoring DITA concepts, tasks, and reference information
- developing an information model with DITA maps
- publishing DITA content using DITA maps
- reusing information

Second Workshop: "DITA Specialization"
September 24, 2004
9:00a.m. to 4:30p.m.
- introduction to specialization
- specializing a new information type
- specializing a new domain
- integrating modules to create the DTDs you need
- customizing transforms to get the output you want

Please note that the workshops are priced to cover costs for the
facility, instructor travel, and so forth. Both the instructor (Michael
Priestley) and organizers (Dave Schell and Kay Ethier) are providing
services to these workshops without fee.

Reasons to sign up right now:
- seating is limited, and when seats are gone the registration will
- the workshops are at a very reasonable price for their value
- Michael Priestley is teaching both!!
- DITA may be coming your way, and we are offering this preemptive
learning opportunity
- Research Triangle Park, NC has beautiful weather in September

For now if you would like more information or wish to sign up, contact
Kay Ethier of Tri-XML at 1.919.349.4148 or
mailto:kethier@.... This notice and an online
registration form are available at

More information on DITA --

Kay Ethier
PO Box 14265
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