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These may not be the exact same use case but similar.

We use a Zoomin Docs “metro-map” to map out and link to content externally or across topics within the site to visually see the super task flow and track your progress.

We also use Draw.net to create interactive flows with metadata-driven links to site content and export the flow as .svg.  We import the .svg in a DITA topic using <svg:container><svgref>.


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Hi Radu,

This visualization is pretty cool! I appreciate the example graph so we could easily see what is produced without running all the steps.

Our books have cross-deliverable links using peer maps (<mapref scope="peer">) with keyscopes. I have considered writing a script to extract a similar graph for book-to-book references, so we can see how our books - and thus our products - tend to reference each other. Your example gives me a great example of how the visualization part could work. I was originally going to create a static drawing using GraphViz, but I like this interactive VisJS approach better.

Thank you for sharing this!

 - Chris