[EXT]: Re: [dita-users] Keyscopes?


A reusable approach is to use ditaval file to set parameters and then in the map, use <ditavalref> to insert the ditaval file within a key scope.


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What would do within a topic, though? Instead of applying an attribute within that file, would you repeat that DITAVal string in each instance? That appears to be more work. 

On Aug 8, 2020, at 6:04 PM, Chris Papademetrious <chrispitude@...> wrote:

Hi all,

I feel like it would be useful to be able to include DITAVAL directives inline in the map, instead of in files:


    <topichead keyscope="NoviceSection" navtitle="Novice Documentation">


            <prop att="audience" val="novice" action="include"/>

            <prop att="audience" val="expert" action="exclude"/>




        <mapref format="ditamap" keyref="..."/>


My thinking is,

  • This allows the branch filtering intent to be visible *and* editable directly where the content is instantiated, instead of requiring side files.
  • DITAVAL used for branch filtering is likely to be single-variable and simple (2-3 directives).


 - Chris