[ann][webinar] Transforming XML and HTML documents to PDF using CSS, Part 2 – Lists, Tables and Images #Oxygen


In the first part of the “Transforming XML and HTML documents to PDF using CSS” tutorial series, we aimed to teach you a basic understanding of the CSS layout to help you customize your PDF output. Now, you are ready to continue your journey into defining the look and format of your documents! 
Tomorrow (February 10), we bring you the second installment titled “Lists, Tables and Images” where Julien Lacour (software developer at Syncro Soft) will teach you more advanced CSS properties that will help you to: 
* Customize unordered and ordered lists, list-items, list bullets, etc. 
* Set table elements such as headers / footers / captions / size. 
* Display images by defining size, resolution, remote images, etc. 
* Select a particular node or set of nodes from the document with CSS combinators. 
* Create more complex elements with the ::before and ::after pseudo-elements. 
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