[ann][webinar] Getting Started with DITA Using Oxygen XML Editor #Oxygen


On June 24, we will continue our weekly series of webinars with the 5th live event – “Getting Started with DITA using Oxygen XML Editor”. 
Sorin Carbunaru, software developer at Syncro Soft, invites you to a live discussion that will focus on introductory concepts of working with DITA documents in Oxygen XML Editor, covering everything from creating DITA maps and topics from scratch to basic publishing using out-of-the-box scenarios. Both beginner and advanced users will benefit from learning about subjects such as: 
  • The DITA UI perspective 
  • Creating and editing maps and topics 
  • Using the DITA Maps Manager 
  • Validate and Check for Completeness 
  • Basic publishing using predefined scenarios 
You can register for free at
Check the full list of the upcoming webinars and follow the links to see more details and register for free: 

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