[ann][webinar] DITA Publishing and Feedback with Oxygen Tools #Oxygen



New year, new learning opportunities! 

Due to your rising interest in our live events, we decided to not let you wait any longer: the 2021 Oxygen XML webinar series debuts on January 13 with the “DITA Publishing and Feedback with Oxygen Tools” webinar!

As you might know, DITA content can be published to modern WebHelp Responsive online help format (based on HTML5) featuring indexing and search, breadcrumb navigation, table of contents, responsive adaptive layout, and accessible content.

With this in mind, Alin Balasa (software developer at Syncro Soft) will take an in-depth look at the WebHelp Responsive output and at the process that allows you to update content continuously by embedding a commenting component to collect your customers’ feedback.

Some of the topics covered in this webinar will include:
* How to publish DITA content to WebHelp Responsive output (pages and layout components, search engine, and publishing templates).
* Customizing the output using a publishing templates package.
* How to embed the Oxygen Feedback Comments Component to collect customers’ feedback.
* Updating DITA topics by integrating community feedback with the use of the Oxygen Feedback Plugin.

This is a free event and you can register at

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Best regards,
Alin Belu
Oxygen XML Editor