Assembling an html5 navigation TOC from multiple map builds #DITA-OT #HTML5

Chris Papademetrious


If you have Oxygen, there is some related discussion about WebHelp here: > Integrating two webhelp outputs

You mentioned you are using the html5 transformation, but I thought I'd pass it along as related reading.

 - Chris


I'm experimenting with the DITA-OT html5 toc options. I've been able to display a full toc to the side, which is what we want. However, our full doc build is rather more complex. We build a top-level navigation map that references many other content maps as peer links, so we build each content map separately. So currently, if you click into a topic  that was built in a map separately to the top level navigation map, you see only the toc that applies to that map, and not the toc for the entire doc set
So I think what we need to do is assemble our navigation in a separate frame from the content. I'm wondering, at a high level, what's the recommended approach for doing this now? Can anyone advise please?