Adding a parameter to an extension in the DITA-OT preprocessing

Pierre Attar

Hi all,

I've created an extension to the DITA-OT topicpull process.

The extension is something like

 <feature extension="ant.import" file="lr-solve.xml"/>
<feature extension="depend.preprocess.topicpull.pre" value="lr-solve" />

Of course, lr-solve.xml is an ant file containing the needed target.

This works in 3.6 using the xhtml5 transtype.

Unfortunately it does not works withe pdf2 transtype because it uses the preprocess2 mechanism and I don't knows how to name the feature extension.

Nevertheless, tu this lr-solve process, I need to add a parameter for this transformation. Unfortunately, I only know how to add a parameter to a new or exiting transtype. I search in the DITA-OT documentation and did not found any documentation to add parameter to the preprocess.

So, my two questions :

- how to add a feature extension to the preprocess2 process ?

- how to add a parameter to an extension called both by the preprocess ans the preprocess2 processes ?

Thanks for sharing ideas, Pierre