[Ann] Oxygen Git Client add-on version 2.5.0 is now released! #Oxygen



We are excited to announce the release of the Oxygen Git Client add-on version 2.5.0!

This add-on is compatible with Oxygen XML Editor/Author/Developer version 21.1 or higher.

Some of the most important features found in the newest version of the add-on were also some of the most requested, such as the improvements made for when working with submodules:
* After a repository that contains submodules is cloned, all submodules are also automatically initialized and cloned.
* When pulling the remote changes for a repository that contains submodules, the submodules are updated as well (by default). This behavior depends on the Update all submodules after pulling changes from the remote repository option from the Git Client preferences page in Oxygen.
* If a submodule appears as changed in the Unstaged files area, you can open it using the Open action from the contextual menu.
* The tooltip shown for a modified submodule from the Unstaged files area now presents information about the currently and previously tracked commits.

Other improvements added in version 2.5.0 of the Oxygen Git Client add-on that expand its functionality even further include:
* The addition of a new field in the login dialog box for authentication using a personal access token. Note that from August 13, 2021, GitHub will no longer accept password-based authentication (https://github.blog/2020-12-15-token-authentication-requirements-for-git-operations).
* Branches created from other local branches are now automatically checked out. This behavior can be disabled by deselecting the Checkout branch option in the Create branch dialog box.
* The Git Staging side-view has been slightly redesigned and now has a cleaner look.
* Added support for Dutch localization.
* Fixed an issue where debugging the Git Client using Apache Log4j did not work.
* Fixed an issue where opening submodules that required authentication was not possible.
* Fixed various other bugs and added several small UX improvements.

Also, make sure to check the README page for the Git Client add-on on GitHub:

We hope that you will enjoy using the latest release of the Oxygen Git Client add-on as much as we enjoyed developing it!

Best regards,

Alin Belu
Oxygen XML Editor