implement commonvariables.xsl in OT 2.5.4? #DITA-OT

Leigh White

Hi all,

I'm trying to implement the very useful commonvariables.xml file in a PDF plugin for OT 2.5.4. I've added that file to [myplugin]\cfg\common\vars folder. I've copied the strings.xml file from org.dita.pdf2\cfg\common\vars to [myplugin]\cfg\common\vars folder. To my copy of strings.xml, I've added the following line as the first in the file: <lang filename="commonvariables.xml" xml:lang=""/>. I've added a commonvariables.xml file to [myplugin]\cfg\common\vars and copied the common variables into it. I've added <feature extension="dita.xsl.strings" file="cfg/common/vars/strings.xml"/> to my [myplugin]\plugin.xml file and re-integrated. None of the variables in commonvariables are being picked up, so it seems there is some other piece of the puzzle. Is this even possible in 2.5.4?