[ANN][Conference] DCL organises a half-day conference UK/Europe #conferences


Hi all,

Announcing a new 1/2 day conference with practical discussions on migrating to DITA, from planning, to budget and content migration.

Join us by registering here:

Looking forward to meeting you there!


DCL DITA Day is a half-day seminar to help organizations based in the EU and UK transition to DITA (Darwin Information Typing Architecture). This online event features key executives who have successfully traversed a DITA migration and are now reaping the benefits.

The goal of this event is to help organizations identify the barriers to a DITA migration and collectively outline ways to overcome those barriers, creating a clear process to move to a DITA-based content reuse workflow.

We’ll have panel-style conversations that discuss

  1. planning

  2. resourcing

  3. budgeting

  4. tools selection

  5. data conversion

  6. training