[ann][webinar] Working with DITA in Oxygen - Basic Profiling and Reuse Strategies #Oxygen


Do you want to make your DITA authoring experience even better? 
If the answer is a resounding YES, next Wednesday (October 7), we invite you to the second event of our weekly series of live webinars - “Working with DITA in Oxygen - Basic Profiling and Reuse Strategies”. 
Sorin Carbunaru, lead developer at Syncro Soft / Oxygen XML Editor, will cover some of the most important concepts of DITA: profiling and content references. With his guidance, you will learn the benefits of knowing how to reuse and profile content in your documents, and how easy it is to do this in Oxygen. 
At the end of this webinar, you will master the following: 
* How to filter content in the published output using profiling attributes. This allows you to obtain various outputs from the same documentation source. 
* How to combine more profiling attributes in condition sets. 
* How to apply DITAVAL filters in Oxygen. 
* Various strategies and best practices for reusing DITA content in Oxygen. 
This is a free event and you can register at 
Check the full list of the upcoming webinars and follow the links to see more details and register for free: 

Best regards, 

Alin Belu
Oxygen XML Editor