Getting Started with Chatbots - Tips? #next-generation #content-delivery

I've been playing around with Microsoft Bot Framework recently.
While it works fine with HTTP requests to all kinds of APIs I'm not really sure yet how I would "feed" or train it with DITA content.
So what I basically want to set up is a bot that answers questions about using our products based on the DITA content in our online help files.
Do you have any tips or links on this topic that could help me getting started?
Maybe there is also a better solution for this than MS Bot Framework?
Best Regards

Wim Hooghwinkel

Hi Marcus,

it’s all about metadata (also referred to as taxonomy).  This may help: Making Your Chatbot Scalable and Knowledgeable .

Contact me off list if you need any help.

Vriendelijke groet / Kind regards,
Wim Hooghwinkel