Job Postings: XML and DITA-Related D.C.-Area Software Developers #jobhunting

We're recruiting new staff for the project I'm on at the GAO (RSuite CMS, MarkLogic, and Oxygen Web Author-based XML content management system that supports the authoring and publishing of GAO reports, their primary work product). This is a DITA-based system.

The employer is ECS Technologies, a D.C.-based supplier to the U.S. Federal government (

Positions are local to the D.C. area as far as I know (that is, ECS expects the ability to work on site at GAO headquarters once people can work from offices again).

The postings are:

Sr. Application Developer:

Mid-Level Application Developer:

Mid-Level Automation Test Engineer:

If you are interested or know of someone who might be, you can either go to these postings or contact me directly.


Eliot Kimber