Adding Georgian as a new physical font #DITA-OT #localization

Josh Honomichl

Hey everyone,

I need to add a new physical font (Georgian/ka-GE) to the logical font definitions in my font-mappings.xml file from a v1.7.5 OT. Unfortunately, our default font does not support Georgian characters, so we would like to configure our style sheets to use Arial MT when outputting Georgian PDFs.

I was hoping to add Georgian as a new physical font defined in the font-mapping.xml file, the same way that we already use physical fonts to override the default font for other languages like Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, etc. For example:

      <logical-font name="Sans">
         <physical-font char-set="default"><font-face>HelveticaNeueLT W1G 35 Th</font-face></physical-font>
         <physical-font char-set="Arabic"><font-face>WinSoftPro</font-face></physical-font>
         <physical-font char-set="Simplified Chinese"><font-face>SimHei</font-face></physical-font>
         <physical-font char-set="Georgian"><font-face>Arial MT</font-face></physical-font>
         <physical-font char-set="Japanese"><font-face>MS Gothic</font-face></physical-font>
         <physical-font char-set="Korean"><font-face>H2GTRM</font-face></physical-font>
         <physical-font char-set="Symbols"><font-face>ZapfDingbats</font-face></physical-font>
         <physical-font char-set="SubmenuSymbol"><font-face>ZapfDingbats</font-face></physical-font>
         <physical-font char-set="SymbolsSuperscript">
            <font-face>HelveticaNeueLT W1G 35 Th</font-face>

I've obviously already made the change to font-mapping.xml, but I now need to define the "Georgian" character set and link it to the "ka-GE" language code. I've searched pretty exhaustively, but I can't find any documentation that describes this process. Can anyone tell me if this is even possible and how I accomplish this?

Thanks in advance.