Using chunk attribute, to-content to forceable create a topic from a #chunk



For organizational purposes, a topichead with navigation text in a release document for "New Features" or "Updates" helps structure content, and doesn't really require a an actual topic.

But, for HTML output, topichead creates toc link but has no actual html topic associated.  This creates an issue if you want to select the <topichead> title and all it's child topics because the topichead topic doesn't really exist as a containing topic.

Question, while it's possible to apply the the topichead chunk="to-content" and the copy-to="some_meaningful_topic_name.xml", the result creates one new topic with all child topics merged as one. 

Is there a way to generate an actual topic from the topichead at processing, so it appears in the toc as an actual html file that contains its children topics also as HTML?

Should I just get over the fact that I have to create title only topics in place of <topichead>?

Advice appreciated.