Conditional table columns? #tables #conditional-processing

Larry Kollar

One of the other writers asked if there was a way to conditionalize a table column. We tried setting @colwidth="0" but that just displayed the content in the margin outside the table. Has anyone ever had to do this?

I think it could be handled in the plugin, throwing away cells whose column width is zero. I'm in the middle of updating our plugins when I get a break from content work (until we hire a software person to handle the XSL stuff), so it might be a while before I could actually do anything with this.

Julio J Vazquez

As far as I know, to remove a column, you'd have to conditionalize the corresponding colspec and each entry element in the column. It's far easier to replicate the table with the relevant column removed and conditionalize the table. 

Julio J. Vazquez