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Leigh White

Hi all (Jarno, Robert :-)

I'm in the process of updating "DITA For Print". At present, there is no specific processing for the troubleshooting topic type or its elements. Before I go all crazy and write a bunch of topics about how to add that processing, I was wondering what the timeline is for adding it to the OT. Don't see anything in the OT issues list. I'm happy to wait and save myself the typing :-)


Bob Thomas

Hi Leigh,

On pages 20-22 in my troubleshooting whitepaper, you can see the results of where I customized the DITA-OT to render embedded troubleshooting markup (tasktroubleshooting, steptroubleshooting, and note[@type="trouble"]) all the same way, as if each were a note. This gives readers a common visual cue that instantly identifies the information as troubleshooting-related.

The other thing that I did was to override the task/steps template in task-elements.xsl so that it suppresses the "Procedure" label when steps is a child of remedy.

Best Regards,
Bob Thomas
Tagsmiths, LLC


Hi Bob, 

Can you show specifically how you suppressed the "Procedure" label?  I want to suppress both it and the "About this task" head.
Grant Hogarth

Larry Kollar

We implemented troubleshooting topics ourselves at work. A couple of differences from Bob's examples:

  • Titles are inserted automatically, removing one potential point of inconsistency. Adding a <title> element overrides the automatic one.
  • We support @outputclass="message" on the troubleshooting topic itself. It occurred to me that a log/alarm message has a condition (the log itself), cause, and remedy. So we use the condition section to describe the message format, and the plugin changes the "Condition" title to "Format" (unless, again, the writer inserts a title).
  • Our core team constrained out <responsibleParty>. No complaints so far.
The core team also developed several templates, to cover anticipated scenarios with multiple solutions.