Re: dita and Epic 5

Don R. Day <dond@...>

"imknewby" <> wrote on 06/14/2004 07:15:47 PM:

I'm getting compilation errors when trying to create a new doc type in

Here's one of the errors:

Dtgen.exe Parser Error:
While parsing file C:&#92;dita&#92;dita13&#92;dtd&#92;topic.dtd:
The varname model token has been used ambiguously within the model of
The parser must be able to choose a model token without look-ahead
You have run into a content model bug in the dita13 DTDs that I did
not catch when I tested them initially, Ilana. You can find a set of
files that patch this and some other subtle bugs in the zip file in
this post:

Let me know if you have trouble accessing these files--the OASIS
access policies may require a login. I'll try to upload a more
current set into the files area of this list shortly.

Don Day
IBM Lead DITA Architect

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