Re: #DITA-OT Manual build file failing #DITA-OT

Chris Papademetrious

DITA-OT project files are working very well for us. With a single command, we can publish an entire help collection that contains 50+ books in PDF format (PDF Chemistry) -- some in the thousands of pages, with varying profiling conditions, some published multiple times in different conditions -- along with online help (WebHelp) that presents the same content in HTML form, with links to the PDF files from the online help. The DITA-OT project files take care of all the details, the PDF files go where the online help links expect them, all the conditions and parameters are applied as needed. And we have over a dozen help collections, so the complexity management that DITA-OT project files provide is quite useful.

And perhaps most importantly, DITA-OT project files are simple enough that our writers can understand and modify them as books/conditions/etc. are added/removed/changed.

 - Chris

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