Local overrides of reused content



I am new to DITA and still learning the ropes (working in oXygen XML Editor v23). I have a question about content reuse: I have a set of reference topics, and I would like to reuse a common prolog block with standard metadata for all topics. However, each reference document needs to have a different source attribution. I know that I can do this:

    <author conkeyref="common/author_ref"/>
    <source>[Variable source info]</source>
    <publisher conkeyref="common/pub_ref"/>
    <critdates conkeyref="common/dates_ref"/>
    <metadata conkeyref="common/metadata_ref"/>

But rather than having to reference individual elements, I was wondering whether there was a way to reference the whole prolog and override the source element locally, like this:

<prolog conkeyref="common/prolog_ref">
  <source conaction="pushreplace" conkeyref="common/source_ref">[Variable source info]</source>

Of course, this only works from a single document because the common topic keeps getting overwritten by each push. Is there a way to do local overrides of reused content in DITA that I'm missing?

Thank in advance,

Tim A. Thompson
Librarian for Applied Metadata Research
Yale University Library

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