Re: [ANN] New release of the Oxygen Translator Helper add-on

Radu Coravu

Hi Tim,

The add-on just sends the text to translate to the web translators, there is no support in it for a glossary or terminology database.



Radu Coravu
Oxygen XML Editor
On 9/10/21 15:15, SLAGER TIM via wrote:

This sounds great. Is there a way to connect the add-on to a glossary or terminology database?


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Subject: [dita-users] [ANN] New release of the Oxygen Translator Helper add-on


Hi everyone,

We updated the free Oxygen Translator Helper add-on to version 1.1.0 with additional support to use the DeepL translator for translating content.

To install it you can use the Oxygen main menu "Help->Install new add-ons", choose the default Oxygen add-on update site and you will find an add-on named "Translator Helper" in the list. To update the existing add-on you can use the Oxygen main menu Help->"Check for add-ons updates" action.

Just to recap, the add-on has two main features:

  1. You can translate content using "Google Translate" or "DeepL" to various languages:
    • Select the content to translate in the Author visual editing mode. You can also select the entire document contents but the translator might have limitations for the total amount they can translate.
    • Right click. Select "Translate->Google Translate" or "Translate->DeepL Translator" and choose the target language.
    • Copy the translated content from the opened web page.
    • Click Replace in the Oxygen Translate using Google Translate dialog that showed up. The original content should now be replaced with the translated content, the original element structure and attributes should remain unchanged.
    • In addition you can choose to show the original document content in the Translator Helper side view. This will allow you to correct the translation further by looking at the original text and the translated text side by side.
  1. You can see the original content side by side with the content that you are translating, so you can translate correctly and easy by right clicking in the Author visual editing mode and invoking the Show current content in side view action.

I hope you will find the updated add-on useful and as always any feedback for it is welcomed.



Radu Coravu
Oxygen XML Editor


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