Scott Prentice


I've been attempting to use the DOCX DITA Ant transform (from dita4publishers.word2dita) in Oxygen (22.0). I feel like I'm missing something fundamental, but am getting the same result with a few different files. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

When I do the "default" conversion (open DOCX file, open document.xml, run DOCX DITA transform) I get just a ditamap with a title .. no topicrefs in the map and no topics in the output folder. I've enabled debugging (by setting w2d.debug.xslt to true), and I can follow the processing. If I look at the interim files, I see that my content is in the simpleWpWithLevels.xml file, but in the simple2dita step, it seems to ignore everything except the title and only generates the map.

I'm not using a style mapping (yet) and my DOCX file is not being generated by Word (I don't own Word) .. so maybe that's the issue? But the document.xml file looks fine and the processing seems like it should be generating something useful.

My test document is just a main title with a couple of subheads and some bogus content .. very short. I get similar results when using a DOCX that was written by Word.

Is the style mapping required? I'll try setting that up now, but it seems that this should be writing out something for unmapped styles .. yes?

The log tells me .. Transform complete .. and BUILD SUCCESSFUL.



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