Re: subjectscheme and othermeta

Kristen James Eberlein

Specialize from <othermeta>, and you'll be able to use subjectScheme for binding controlled values.


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On 9/1/2021 5:04 PM, john.kirkilis via wrote:
Subjectscheme maps provide an elementdef element to bind a set of allowed values to a particular attribute on a particular element. Oxygen and DITA-OT can both leverage this information to offer allowed values or to produce error messages.

I can't see a way to further qualify the binding when the othermeta's @name has a specific value, such as "deliveryPhase".

As a fall-back, other options might include:
  • Schematron rules to validate values and present allowed values as quick fixes
  • Oxygen's content completion configuration (either via the SDK or perhaps the cc_config.xml file)

Two questions are:
  1. Does subjectscheme not cover the othermeta name/value use case?
  2. If not, are there any other alternatives besides Schematron or content completion configuration?

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