Re: How can I treat a <mapref> as a level of TOC hierarchy?

Chris Papademetrious

Hi Eliot, everyone,

I've made some progress on this issue. And I discovered that I can include images in posts, so let's start with some pretty pictures!

Eliot, you summarized our situation perfectly. Our "books" are maps that can be published independently as top-level maps (in PDF form):

...and also as submaps in a higher-level map (in online help form):

Our books have cross-deliverable links between them. Each book declares its dependencies on other books using peer map references, as documented in

The semantics of <mapref scope="peer"> are:

    I want to declare the existence of this other resource as a dependency, but I don't want to include or process it right here.

A peer map reference in a lower level (the declaration of existence of a resource) should not prohibit the actual inclusion of that resource at a higher level. As in software, lower levels should be free to declare dependencies and higher levels should be free to satisfy them (or not, and allow the default to apply).

Although I created a DITA-OT plugin to create navigation hierarchy for specific submaps (the goal of the original post):

I was encountering segmentation faults in certain cases, and lots of bogus peer-map-related errors in general. These issues trace back to the DITA-OT's support (or lack of it) for peer map references. I'll follow up on that in the DITA-OT Users group, as it gets a bit more technical. I'll circle back here when I have a higher-level update to share.

 - Chris

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