Re: Links that are both local and cross-deliverable in shared topics

Chris Papademetrious

Hi everyone,

To follow up on this discussion, we found the following peer map bugs in Oxygen 23:

  • When @keyscope is defined on a peer map reference and the target map defines its own local @keyscope on its root map element, Oxygen 23 incorrectly concatenates them into two levels of scope during link creation and validation. (Per "Cross-deliverable addressing and linking", the target map's scope should be ignored in this case.)
  • When @conkeyref references into peer maps exist, Oxygen 23 treats the references as resolved (as if the map would be included and processed), when instead it should only be resolved if that map is locally included elsewhere in the publication.

These bugs will be fixed in Oxygen 24. (Syncro Soft was kind enough to allow us to beta-test the fixes.)

With these fixes, I can (1) define a local keyscope on a map, then (2) create scoped links in shared topics that are local or cross-book, depending on which book includes the topic. This satisfies the need in the original post - hooray!

 - Chris

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