preserve submap metadata in merged file #pdf #PDF

Leigh White

Hi all,

I'm following up on an old thread that doesn't seem to have reached a conclusion, or at least not a conclusion that I can understand. In short, I am trying to preserve the metadata of submaps in a bookmap. I'm using OT 3.5.4, PDF. I have tried adding preprocess.clean-map-check.skip=true to my file and to I have also added it to my plugin's plugin.xml file. None of these seems to have any effect: the submaps' metadata does not appear in the merged file. Was that even the intent?

The thread I am referring to ( and is about 4 years old, and a lot has changed since then.

I do see mode="preserve-submap-title-and-topicmeta" in maprefImpl.xsl and it appears to be default behavior but that is not what I am seeing. The metadata I am trying to preserve is straightforward topicmeta metadata like so:

      <created date="1999-08-11"/>
      <revised modified="2019-10-25"/>
    <permissions view="internal"/>
      <audience type="user"/>
    <othermeta name="product-code" content="wid-1234"/>
    <othermeta name="docnumber" content="WIDP34567"/>
    <othermeta name="doctype" content="User Guide"/>
    ... there a straightforward (or even a non straightforward) way to preserve this metadata in the merged file?


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