Images and scaling

Wayne Brissette

So, I've been asked to help with a scaling issue that an author is having with a larger image. I'm a little confused about some of the wording in the 1.2 Spec (we're still on 1.2 ... yeah, I know...). ;)

The Spec states that pixels is the default, so I would assume that an attribute of height="45" would be 45 pixels. OK, but then it also states valid options are pc, px, pt, mm, cm, and in. All of that makes sense. But then it states that if either height is provided but not width that the width is scaled the same amount as the height. Likewise for Width if that is provided but not height.

So, is there a way to instead of using a hard value use a percentage? it doesn't look like it, but it looks like the OT has the logic to scale. So I might be able to use 45 to indicate that an image needs to be scaled 45% of the original size.


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