Re: Word2Dita?

Yes, you can use the Word2DITA package by itself--it does not require any other part of the DITA4Publishers project.

It will require some setup to define the mapping from your Word documents to the DITA you want but it is definitely capable of generating DITA with whatever aspects you need and that should definitely be importable to Ixiasoft without issue. For example, you can create both maps and topics from the same set of Word paragraphs, including submaps, as long as you have appropriate paragraph styles (i.e., Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.).

Word2DITA requires a little familiarity with typical XML tools and, often, a little light XSLT work to get going but you can, for example, run it directly on the files inside a DOCX file from OxygenXML using the Archive Viewer and transformation configuration (which is how I almost always run it).

I tried to document Word2DITA well as I could in the time I had but it's not always easy to get going. Feel free to ask questions here or reach out to me directly if you have any difficulty getting it set up.

Beyond simply getting the transform running, the two main challenges are working out how the styles you have in your Word documents (or possibly don't yet have) should map to DITA structures and then expressing that as a Word2DITA style-to-tag map and then, if necessary, doing any post-processing cleanup on the mapping-generated DITA using XSLT through the Word2DITA "final fixup" extension point. Cleanup is usually pretty straightforward XSLT but it's still XSLT....

If your Word documents are consistently styled, even if it's with the built-in generic styles, you should be able to get a pretty good result.

If your Word documents are not consistently styled then it will be a bigger challenge--you will either need to do some cleanup on the Word docs to add the styles or make the styling more consistent (which you can often do with Word's advanced search and replace features) or put more work into Word2DITA preprocessing or post processing extensions. If your Word docs are just not consistent enough you may be better served by one of the commercial conversion services or Word conversion tools.

Word2DITA was designed specifically for environments where there is good control over the Word styling, such as in Publishing workflows where an Editor can ensure that manuscripts are styled appropriately before being converted to DITA. It is not intended to be (and will not work as) an "any Word to good DITA" transform.

That said...

Word2DITA will produce *parseable* DITA topics from any Word document *as long as* the first non-skipped paragraph in the document is mapped to a topic because any non-mapped paragraph in the Word document is automatically mapped to <p>. The result will probably not be that useful but is a result...


Eliot Kimber

´╗┐On 6/9/21, 1:54 PM, "Nancy Roberts" < on behalf of> wrote:

Thank you, Eliot. Can I download and install Word2Dita by itself, or do I need the full dita4publishers project?

Also, once I'm done with the conversion, I want to import the DITA output into the Ixiasoft CMS. I assume there's no conflict there?


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