Re: Word2Dita?

The Word2DITA framework is a general Word-to-DITA conversion framework. It does not require DITA Open Toolkit in any way but because it is often used with DITA content it is packaged as a DITA Open Toolkit plug-in for convenience and you can run it as an OT plugin if it's useful to do so, although most people use it standalone I think.

Word2DITA is part of the larger DITA4Publishers project ( but to get the latest version you should go to the Word2DITA project directly:

The documentation for the Word2DITA framework is here:

I do maintain the Word2DITA code (you can see there are some recent bug fixes) but I haven't had the bandwidth to package it as cleanly as I've wanted to, which is why it's a bit scattered about.



Eliot Kimber

´╗┐On 6/9/21, 1:38 PM, "Nancy Roberts" < on behalf of> wrote:

Hi all,

For the first time since 2009, I need to convert a Word doc to DITA that is too big to be done manually. What is the Word2Dita plugin? What does it plug in to? The OT? My company uses the Ixiasoft CMS, if that makes a difference. Any advice is much appreciated.


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