DITA-OT normalization plugin behavior

Alan Houser


I'm trying to figure out whether behavior I'm seeing from the DITA-OT normalization plugin is by design.

I have a parent map, with maprefs to other maps. The referenced maps include map-level metadata in <topicmeta>.

After DITA-OT normalization, the maprefs are resolved, and the parent map references all resolved topics directly (as expected). But since the parent map no longer references the child maps, the map-level metadata on the child maps is essentially unavailable for further processing. (The child maps are also normalized and copied to the output folder, but there's no longer a relationship between the original "parent" and child maps).

Of course, I need the map-level metadata on the child maps. And I don't see a normalization option for "don't resolve maprefs".

If I'm missing an option, approach, or explanation, I would be grateful to hear it.


Alan Houser
Group Wellesley, Inc.
Consultant and Trainer, Technical Publishing
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