Re: Something like ditaval, but for topics or smaller?

Nicholas Mucks


At this granular of a level, isnt this more of a use case for keys and conkeyref  in the topics than conditions? You can define a warehouse topic or keymap at your rootmap and apply your conditions there, not in the topics.

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On May 15, 2021, at 4:55 AM, Chris Papademetrious <chrispitude@...> wrote:

@despopoulos_chriss, you make a good point about ROI.

We like DITAVAL for book-wide profiling, as product conditions are group-wide and stable. But this would not be true for ad-hoc usage. If I make DITAVAL files for "tableA" and "tableB" for one specific book, then later rewrite the content to remove those tables, now I have a dangling DITAVAL file to be noticed and removed.

DITA is mechanically capable of many, many things. Many features are readily accessible to writers in a DITA editor (Oxygen). Perhaps the more mechanically involved features require a CMS to orchestrate the moving pieces. I think what we're discussing here is, could DITA somehow support ad-hoc conditionalization via the former instead of the latter?

 - Chris

P.S. We also use a small fraction of DITA. We specialized it to match the elements in our previous format (structured FrameMaker). We use variables and profiling. We are just starting to explore con[key]ref. We don't use subject schemes, branch filtering, or anything like that.

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