Re: Something like ditaval, but for topics or smaller?


First, thanks to Kris for cluing me in. 

If ignoruntz is bliss, I have blissfully been using as little as possible of DITA these past 7 or so years.  In fact, we use close to the equivalent of LwDITA.  Which makes me wonder, does LwDITA support branch filtering?  (I'm guessing not...  Just wondering, no implications.)

@Chris, I feel your pain.  I was kind of hoping for something similar to your idea of internal profiling.  Maybe something like
<div profileBase="audience" exclusions="foo bar baz">
  <ul conref="supersetList"><li/></ul>

For us, it would be a bit of a hassle to use branch filtering, because we implement our own DITA rendering.  But I could pretty easily build a data object that maps individual topics to their branched filters, and add that data to the params we pass as we transform each topic. 

One thing I'm wondering is where the ROI threshold is for this.  Assuming a superset that needs to be sliced and diced into subsets, is there some threshold where it would just be easier to conref the individual items rather than filter the superset list?  Also, how does this work if the filtering requirements change...  Does that make it even more complicated?  We support groups of "technologies" that each have different subsets of "features".  We want to track the superset list, and present it when we discuss the "category" of technology.  But each instance needs a correct list.  What happens when the support for one instance changes?  What happens when we add a new instance?  Is there a threshold where tracking this via metadata will become unsustainable?  That will be what determines how we do this...

Anyway, thanks for the info.

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