Re: Need new DITA CMS - Any suggestions?

Michael McLoughlin

I have to agree with Mica - do you really need a CCMS here? We moved 18 months ago from a leading DITA CCMS because it was buggy and too expensive to Git/Github + OxygenXML and haven't looked back. We also took the opportunity to switch from unnecessary topic specialisations and remove some of the extra crud added by the CCMS. This took a little work with some bash scripts and the Oxygen XML refactor tool. It tool a month or so planning but we were able to do the entire move over a weekend. A few things we learned in the process:

1. Plan your repository architecture well in GitHub, what doc sets will live where, what branching structure you'll use, and how content can be shared between repos (we used git subtrees for that but there are other solutions such as the git subrepo tool).
2. Make sure the team are trained well on Git workflows. Tools like GitHub Desktop and the Oxygen Git plugin make that a lot easier for those team members who don't like the Git CLI commands.
3. Make sure you train your team on Oxygen. I think most people when they become confident with Oxygen never want to write DITA in anything else.
4. Take advantage of Github Actions for CI/CD stuff.

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