Re: SCORM output for DITA sources

It is possible to generate SCORM from DITA but there's no recently-modern open-source implementation exists as far as I know--there is a very simple DITA-to-SCORM plugin kicking around (I recently stumbled on a copy in one of my old archive drives when I was looking for something else) but I always have to dig for it when someone asks.

SCORM is very similar to its packaging and content to EPUB and if I was going to implement a SCORM generator today I would start with the DITA for Publishers EPUB transform as the base. There's also the issue that the SCORM components (schemas, etc.) are not licensed for redistribution so it's not legally allowed to have something like an OT plugin that includes the SCORM stuff out of the box, meaning you have manually get and combine the SCORM stuff. Very annoying.

The DITA Community project on GitHub has several plugins for rendering Learning and Training content statically (i.e., which could be useful as the basis for a new SCORM-generation transform.

One issue with SCORM is that you still have to tailor the output to the specific LMS system you're delivering with, since they have different styles and JavaScript libraries for interactive assessments, so there's only so far you can get with a generic SCORM generation transform.



Eliot Kimber

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Dear DITA users,

Does anybody know a possibility to produce SCORM output from DITA sources (tagged with DITA learning).

Br, Sissi

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