Re: Conditional Attribute Groups

Radu Coravu

Hi Michael,

My take on this:

One thing better about using subject schemes to impose attribute values is that you automatically receive a validation error in Oxygen if you set the wrong value to an attribute, so the subject scheme controlled set of values is imposed when editing your content.

It's also beneficial I think to have the controlled values defined inside the DITA Project's content, so even if you do not use a special framework in Oxygen you get the same benefits from the controlled values.

Also Subject Scheme map defined values can influence the filtering stage when you publish:



Radu Coravu
Oxygen XML Editor
On 4/27/21 10:53, Michael McLoughlin wrote:

Out of interest John, what's the benefit of using subject scheme maps in Oxygen over customizing the Oxygen cc_config,xml? We use the latter to control element, attribute and attribute value choice.


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