Re: Update DITA For Print for OT 3.x? What say ye?

Nicholas Mucks

Hi Leigh,
It’s a useful book. I wish it extended into other plugins a bit more. Our biggest challenge in the upgrade to 3.X for PDF was with preprocess2, but we liked the benefits of map-first preprocessing. We also decided to transform all root ditamaps to bookmaps before preprocessing to streamline some of the downstream templates. We of course had changes to styles with things like @scalefit and @orient as well. For some reason we had a horrible time wrestling with table formatting this time around but FOP has welcome improvements.

Take care,
- Nick

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On Apr 13, 2021, at 8:07 AM, Leigh White <lwwhite5@...> wrote:

Hi all,

Taking an informal poll here. Better late than never (I guess) but I'm considering updating DITA For Print for OT 3.x, as there have been some substantial changes, especially to the build process. It's a considerable effort, though, so I'd like to see if there is actually any demand. Chime in and let me know if you'd find it useful...or not.


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