A solution to reuse content between two maps and keep the folder structure? Maybe profiling? #reuse

Vladimir Markiev

Hello everyone! I am using Oxygen XML Author and I have two maps that have a lot of similar content. Right now, the content is not reused, but it would be great to make it reusable. The maps are called InstallGuide and AdminGuide they are stored on the disk with the following hierarchy:

disk root

Is there a way to put a new parent map to disk root and include my other two maps in it? Right now if I try, the maps are included, but only as non-editable references so I can't setup any reuse and can't set profiling attributes.

Why do I need profiling?
Since the maps are two different documents I want to be able to profile them from the parent map. But I want to also be able to reuse content from one map to another. Moreover, I would want to keep the folder structure unchanged. Is that possible?

I can't get my head around the solution for my "wants". Maybe someone can propose a better way to achieve the goal, I would appreciate that. 

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