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Radu Coravu

Hi Nicolas,

When you publish using the DITA OT a DITA Map which is on a remote location from Oxygen, we have some special pre-processing code which tries to download the DITA Map and its referenced topics to a local temporary files cache. So we try to make the fact that the DITA Map is remote transparent to the DITA OT. In this particular case the pre-processing code that we added to the DITA OT cannot download the remote resources probably because the credentials which you have set up in Oxygen to connect to the server are not available to the DITA OT publishing engine process.

Indeed the same thing works for Webdav resources because Oxygen passes the Webdav authentication details to the pre-processing stage we have set up in the DITA OT process. But we do not do this for any remote URL protocol connection as the authentication details are specific to each URL protocol.

It would probably be possible to make this work by making certain changes to the CMIS add-on which can be installed in Oxygen. I will add an internal issue on our side for this.

For your information the ID of the internal issue I added is:

    EXM-47697 Make DITA OT publishing work with CMIS add-on for Oxygen



Radu Coravu
Oxygen XML Editor
On 3/26/21 10:50, Nicolas Delobel wrote:

Hello all,

My DITA files are hosted on Alfresco server (CMIS enabled server).
To modify these files I use a specific Oxygen addon based on CMIS protocol. For this part it's OK.

The problem is: when I try to launch DITA-OT publication on these files from Oxygen I have the following error:
[map-reader] 09:28:34.733 [main] ERROR ro.sync.xml.transformer.dita.remote.b - Could not download myTopic.dita because:Error opening connection: cmis://
It seems that DITA-OT doesn't support CMIS protocol.

I tried to access dita files via Oxygen "Data source explorer" and it works because it use http protocol (supported by DITA-OT).

Has anyone ever faced this problem?



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