Use CMIS protocol with dita-ot #DITA-OT #CCMS #Oxygen

Nicolas Delobel

Hello all,

My DITA files are hosted on Alfresco server (CMIS enabled server).
To modify these files I use a specific Oxygen addon based on CMIS protocol. For this part it's OK.

The problem is: when I try to launch DITA-OT publication on these files from Oxygen I have the following error:
[map-reader] 09:28:34.733 [main] ERROR ro.sync.xml.transformer.dita.remote.b - Could not download myTopic.dita because:Error opening connection: cmis://
It seems that DITA-OT doesn't support CMIS protocol.

I tried to access dita files via Oxygen "Data source explorer" and it works because it use http protocol (supported by DITA-OT).

Has anyone ever faced this problem?


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