Re: DITA and static site generators

Wayne Brissette wrote on 2021-03-19 04:41:

Is anyone automating DITA-OT builds to add markdown output to other static site generators like Jekyll, Hugo, Docusaurus, Gatsby etc.?
We're going the other way... that is, we have built a pipeline that allows engineering to work more collaboratively with our information developers but using a combination of git, jenkins and markdown. We take the markdown, along with a YAML file with the metadata in it, and then using a custom script I wrote, generates fully fleshed out DITA. We automate the OT at this stage, but if for any reason we need to put this content into our CCMS, we have fully qualified DITA. We tried LWDITA, but we weren't happy with the results, so we built our own pipeline and processing. The nice thing is now our IDs are really collaborating for the first time with engineering at the design stage. We're still at the early stages of deployment, but for some teams this flow works. For others, the full DITA workflow still works better.

We have thought about generating CommonMark as one of outputs, but thus far, there hasn't been a pressing need. But for us I could see a need if one of our more traditional DITA teams needed to move content the other direction. However, I've not had the time to do much investigation into what this would really look like.


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