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For what it's worth, this code and the discussion that follows has a reasonably capable CALS-to-HTML conversion. There are no elements in tables that are HTML5-specific that I am aware of, so this should be compatible with HTML5 content in general. The transform generates CSS classes that create borders for specific (t)op, (b)ottom, (l)eft, and (r)ight cell borders in order to avoid double borders on adjacent cells and rows. It seems to handle column calculations sensibly for resizable HTML rendering.

In my own application, to make the table presentation more like that of fig and simpletable, I added a wrapping div to encapsulate the title and description pulled outside of the usual CALS table structure.

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On 3/9/2021 7:28 PM, scott ashmead via wrote:

Does anyone have a reliable CALS to HTML5 XSLT transform that they can send me or point me to?
I've tried two sets of XSLT code for CALS table processing and they both have bugs.

Thank you for your help!


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