[ann][webinar] What’s New in Oxygen 23.1 - Overview and Panel Discussion #Oxygen


To celebrate the release of version 23.1 of the Oxygen XML suite of products, next Wednesday (March 17) you are invited to a special live webinar - “What’s New in Oxygen 23.1 - Overview and Panel Discussion”. 
See for yourself how this release builds upon the always expanding suite of our products by joining us for a one-of-a-kind discussion that will allow you to engage with the creative people behind Oxygen XML. Find out first-hand how you can benefit from the newly-implemented features in version 23.1, such as: 
* Concurrent editing and reviewing in Oxygen Content Fusion for streamlining your team's collaboration process. 
* The ability to ignore validation problems using Quick Fix actions to filter errors and warnings wherever they are presented. 
* The new Block-Level Comments functionality in Oxygen Feedback allows your users to add and manage comments contextually at a specific location within the WebHelp page. 
* Oxygen Styles Basket, the free web-based visual tool that helps you fine-tune the CSS file that is used to customize PDF or WebHelp output by picking and mixing aspects from galleries. 
* And much more. 
The panel will bring together George Bina, Alexandru Jitianu, Octavian Nadolu, Cristi Talau, Alin Balasa, and Julien Lacour. 
This is a free event and you can register at http://www.oxygenxml.com/evs2021-7.html 
Make sure to check the full list of our upcoming events: https://www.oxygenxml.com/events_programme.html 
Best regards,

Alin Belu
Oxygen XML Editor

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