Group reltable Links by Topic Type #reltable


Hello there fellow DITA-warriors,

we have successfully updated our system to DOT 3.5.1, running on the latest version from Oxygen. However, we have now come across a peculiarity we have not yet been able to resolve: tasks and concepts linked via relationship table are grouped under "related information" in the output. References from reltables, strangely, are put under a separate reference heading. Related links used to be grouped by topic type under their respective headings. We liked that and would like to have it back … I think we're basically looking for the reversal of what is being asked in this oxygen-forum-discussion.
So far we tried to delete the line containing <str name="Related information"> from all relevant localisation files, to no avail. Renaming the entry would still result in tasks and concepts being grouped under the same heading.
Any and all help is much appreciated!


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