Re: WebHelp on a shoestring? #dita-ot #DITA-OT

Rodolfo M. Raya

Hello Nancy,

You can generate nice web help and other formats with Conversa, 

Conversa is free and open source. It uses XMLMind's DITA Converter (ditac) to generate output from your DITA sources.

You can configure the appearance of the generated web help, although the default already looks good.

Give it a try, the price is not an obstacle :)


On Sun, Feb 28, 2021 at 3:52 PM Nancy Roberts <nanr93@...> wrote:
Hi again,

I'm looking into providing webhelp for a single client I freelance for. What's the cheapest way to get webhelp output? Oxygen Editor offers a $200 personal license, which is still a lot for a single client. I've found a freeware editor (Codex), and of course the OT itself is free. Is there a free webhelp plugin anywhere to the OT? I can't find one that looks viable.


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